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, when I open an electronic schematic, there are these weird grey characters that don’t belong there. You can see 8 of them in the picture. Help?



There’s nothing we can do without access to a test file to examine.

When it comes to bugs, it’s best to report them on GitHub as described in


@L_A & @KJK

Those are “paragraph” markers and commonly MuPDF may use them for comments I guess if you hover over some of them you may see a small tooltip with text for 5 seconds


@GitHubRulesOK OK these are comments! And they disappear after 5 seconds. Bit it seems there isn’t an option in SumatraPDF to hide them, even in the SumatraPDF-settings.txt


Yea I can not find any report for this rare “pilcrow” issue so you will need to raise a fresh one as requested by @kjk the developer