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I’ve released version 3.2.

You can download it from

You can see what’s new in (


Thank you for your software, including all testers and translators.
This is really the best PDF reader.



Wypróbowałem krótko wersję portable i nie widzę w niej możliwości otwierania kolejnych zakładek tak jak to było w wersji 3.1.2. O ile szanowny autor zechce ze mną w tej kwestii korespondować mejlowo to poproszę o adres a prześlę screeny uzasadniające ww. spostrzeżenie.
Z poważaniem


Dropping NT 5.1 support was really stupid, the only missing functions for the following file(s) are:


How hard is it to fix these missing dependencies?


I too am sorry to see that 32bit XP is no longer supported since I still like to fall back on occasion to that much faster machine without any bloat.
However an attempt was made to compile for XP which for whatever reason did not succeed with the new libraries @kjk ?
Since recent usage stats appear to suggest this pattern of SumatraPDF users

Windows 7 54.26%
Windows 10 42.28%
Windows Vista 3.16%
Windows XP 0.30%

I guess I must fall into that unfortunate 0.3% group that still run 3.0 on XP


Anyone still unwilling to give up XP by now is used to outdated unsupported software, so just stick to Sumatra 3.1.2, simple.

If you know so much, how hard is it to contribute the required code?

Mieczysław, can’t you add the screenshots here demonstrating what the issue is?



Thank you for the 3.2 release.

I wonder about the Debug menu showing up. Also the size of the executable is about double the one of version 3.1.2. Could it be that still debugging code is included? If yes, is this intentional?



I am not developer so will let him answer the official line
I cannot say if the debug options are all permanent but going forward the crash reporting code is likely to be still kept in. The size effect is minimised by only downloading debugger code in the background when a crash is detected.
For offline or portable use you can pre-empt the 56.5 MB online download by using the last option.
In these days of exceptionally cheap storage the extra 56.5 MB uncompressed should not be a portable users issue, unlike when I used compression to keep each portable app on 360Kb floppies, which in turn (even if it took hours to upload larger spanned sets) was a hell of a lot faster than stuffing drawers of 80 byte cards into the non “Portable” reader

The question about size increase over 33 Mb was answered previously , in that both portable and installed needed more modern font support included which is a necessary bloat factor. (some were removed during development to keep the impact minimal) and final size is currently down to less than half of previous.


And a big “THANK YOU!” goes out to Krzysztof for creating and still developing this wonderful software. After years of silence I was pretty surprised to find a new version.

AC Reader = 180meg installer, Sumatra = 8. And AC as standard for opening PDF is not able to print a PDF with a right click and print on a PDF file. Sumatra does it. :slight_smile:


Nice, it wiped out all of my favorites! Nice job.


I am sorry to hear your installation resulted in loss of favourites, I had mentioned that this could be a problem during the development cycle, since I too was on occasion bitten by loss of customized files when repeatedly installing/uninstalling.

Many users may find that the previous SumatraPDF-settings.txt is often left behind in
%APPDATA%\SumatraPDF\ and if so you should be able to copy that across to
%LOCALAPPDATA%\SumatraPDF\ without any loss of favorites etc.

Cautionary advice to others

The correct procedure (which I don’t always follow) when uninstalling ANY software prior to a reinstallation is to back-up any customised files (in this case the advanced SumatraPDF-settings.txt, which will be renewed) then after installation replace the contents as required.


Thanks for your remarks. I just was curious about the circumstances and don’t mind the file size itself.


Thank you for the update. I thought you would like to know that when I used Check for Update in the previous version, it incorrectly told me that I had the latest version.


It will normally tell you for the first week that you do have the latest (stable) version see

You may see that comments such as above in that first week(s) allows feedback of critical bugs and if necessary 3.2.1 can then be released without every user having to update twice in a short period.


Thank you for the response. I had missed that description of the release process.


Could you please make a separate version without debugging things? I’ve never had any issues with Sumatra PDF, so I don’t see any reason why I would need it. I’ll install that version and never bother you again =)

Thanks for the best PDF viewer!


Thank you for the update! I’ve checked a few times over the past few months, expecting a new release at any time, and lo-and-behold, here it is. Seems to be running great, thank you and keep up the good work.


Look inside version 0.2 (1.36 MB 2006-08-06) and every version since. You will see the word debug it is only the latest versions where the user can see and use the trigger to download the extra debugger files, simply ignore that option whilst there is no crash, however it is there when you need to report a problem.


It just looks like the developer accidentally released debug version of the project, just forgot to switch the build configuration from Debug to Release before building.


You can tell if it’s a full debug build it will say so in the top right corner and its potentially 50% larger than the coresponding normal release