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A red grid appears on some pages of some pdfs. See attached picture.

I would attach the whole pdf but I don’t seem to be allowed to.

Is there any way to avoid this? The red grid doesn’t appear when viewing with other pdf readers.



you can upload files per
or if you dont want to register there, then add a link here e.g. to dropbox

as your file subject is maths it is likely your issue may be similar to was the file generated by R ?


Here is a pdf that has the red grid problem: For some reason only the first two pages are affected. You should notice that when viewing in the dropbox browser viewer it all looks fine, but the red grid is there when you download it and view with Sumatra.

I had seen the issue about R, but I don’t think it’s related. The pdfs in question were created with MS Word.


Is it possible to share the source DOC or DOCX too?


I would love to be able to, but unfortunately they were not created by me. I only have access to the pdfs.


There is a crude fix at that may help whilst viewing

“crudities” as it stands are

  1. It works on the image part and drops things like OCR so the “backup” is needed for cut and past of text etc
  2. the file size gets bigger especially if the resolution is increased (e.g. you ammend code to magick\convert -density 300 “%~dpn1.backup%~x1” %1 this can result in increased print size etc.)
  3. metadata is changed (see the “backup” copy for author, date modified etc)
  4. the file will not be to PDF/A standard etc

here is a screen grab of your file after running FixPDF with density at 300