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Recognize caps lock for some hotkeys (J/K)

I like the Vim-like keybindings and would love if I could hit the caps-lock key to put the reader in a mode where I could scroll by half a screen by just pressing ‘j’ or ‘k’ instead of needing to use the shift key. If I sound like a spoiled user, blame Vimium, which lets me press ‘u’ or ‘d’ to scroll up or down by half a page. I think it would allow pretty efficient, one-handed document navigation, by essentially adding a mini mode for half-page scrolling. It’s probably not worth mentioning that VIM’s “stance” is to recognize the caps-lock. I’m not sure if caps-lock would be helpful for any other of the shortcuts. Thanks.

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Pan commonly uses hjkl / HJKL and shifted is naturally in accelerated steps.

Stepsize is affected by zoom scale etc. so is not a fixed proportion of a page e.g the “big” steps may only be 1/32 of a large drawing or may not even show as a difference on a postage stamp.

Half page is a complex calculation that would naturaly be allocated to a page related hotkey

I didn’t mean to suggest that it should use a different type of panning. I just wish that when caps lock was turned on, j and k would be treated like J and K. Then caps lock would put it in a kind of “big step mode”.

OK now I understand the point is that currently with CAPS LOCK active then other keys are not modified the same way as when SHIFT is used.

That could be classed as a “missing UI expectation” (a.k.a. bug) and is best raised on GitHub