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Hi all,
I’m new here, and first I want to say that I LOVE Sumatra PDF.
It’s all I want from a PDF-reader. <3

If I can add a suggestion, many (wanna-be) musicians have their music as PDF, and often struggle to play and turn pages at the same time.

Some fancy proprietary applications have the option to turn pages by specific MIDI-commands.
For example, when playing on a digital piano, by pressing the center pedal to turn page.
For guitarists, sax, flute, etc. can use an other MIDI-controller, like a separate pedal.

It would be AMAZING if this feature can be added to Sumatra PDF!
I hope there’s a musical programmer out there that shares this interest, willing to pick this up. :slight_smile:

In the mean time, is there some other way/application to make a PDF-page to flip through MIDI-command?


A number of musicians have queried this before, for differing reasons, however unless one doubles as a C++ programmer there is unlikely to be a submission of a pull request with necessary changes.

The best option is as you suggest to use a programmable pedal and AFAIK some have support / adapt to different user applications. If you have one that does not have suitable software to make the necessary adjustments it may be possible to roll your own, or persuade a friend to help.

The easiest method I would be exploring is changing standard mouse /keyboard behaviour using either a versatile app such as or better yet AutoHotKey and there has been discussion on such use here How to exit full screen mode on a touch screen?