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I use sumatra in two differrent computers.
For one, I click bookmark 3.1 for example and then pagedown the page and then reclicking the bookmark 3.1, I can return, which is very nice.
For another computer, when I reclick the bookmark 3.1, nothing happen.
What caused the differences and how can I solve that?


Seems obvious but I’ve got to ask - are the Sumatra versions on the 2 PCs exactly the same?


@SumatraPeter Beat me to it
If its exactly the same document without any change, then the only reason I can think of is that the SumatraPDF versions are likely to be different. there were some odd versions where bookmarks are handled differently.

Check from help about what the differences in versions may be.

A difference may be more noticable due to page settings coupled with different screen ratios so check if using same sizewindow area of screen has any effect.


Thank you two so much for replying :smiley:. Since I checked for updates before and it said “You have the latest version”, I thought the two PC had the same version. Now I know the working version is 3.1.2 and the 3.2 version not working for unknown reason.I tested on the second PC with installer-3.2-version and portable-3.2-version when I hadn’t seen your replys, which both didn’t work. Then I got home and I tested on the first PC with installer-3.1.2-version and the portable-3.2-version, which turned out 3.2 didn’t work either.
I wonder if it’s a bug or something because I personally think for this matter 3.1.2 works better than 3.2.


The stable 3.2 was not released as an update since there were a few issues and this is possible one that has been fixed in the pre-release for the next stable update try prerelease


Tried and it seems not have been fixed.


It is possible you have some files that work differently to normal.
there have been many changes in the code but the majority of files will behave exactly the same way.

I have some poor sample files that will function erratically in either 3.1.2 or the current pre-release so may work one day and not the next using exactly the same version.
There seems at first glance to be no reason other than the amount of zoom does change the effect. That is fit width may sometimes appear to stop them functioning but zoom actual size they generally will behave.
The underlying reason is each bookmark has different position values but appear to share the same name, so it depends how they are referenced.

Using those files for testing in case it may confirm a difference, I go to a bookmark, scroll down as you describe causes a problem then re-click the same bookmark and in both versions it returns to the same location.

If you try a small window with zoom actual size, it should tend to show correct behaviors since the target return destination is then out of view.
If you scroll then invoking the bookmark will usually return such that the designated X,Y is again in the top left of visible area
When looking at whole pages there is no need to alter view as the target X&Y is in sight. Differences show up when fit width is active since then only a targets Y value may or may not be in view

The above can also appear oddly affected by shape/number of pages as the bookmark will be constained by the boundary margins.of the view.

I can not see any related difference after scroll, in my files or versions discussed here, so suggest you supply a sample file with a list of steps to produce your observed failure on GitHub Issues