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I recently installed an extra hard drive (SSD) and have been experiencing a strange problem with Sumatra PDF.

Right-clicking on and opening files stored on this new hard drive (D:) result in error "Error loading D:\ … ". However, I am able to open the files without issues from the “File” menu and also using drag-and-drop.

Any thought? Thank you.


System: Windows 10 Home (Version 1909). Intel Core i&-4790K with 16 GB RAM.


Generally there have been no reports of SSD problems, the important thing to check is that it is formatted similar to NTFS.

I have not looked into ssd limited writes issues, but accepting that SumatraPDF could repeatedly access the file, say for annotations, that it could be better in such cases to use a C:\drive workspace for heavy edits.

Context menu can be used several ways, but the open option should be the same as a double click, and is governed by “open with” which can have rogue entries that are not apparent until you use them.

The best way I know to ensure double click uses the exact exe I want (and not use edge or a rogue entry), is to pick any .pdf (or cbz etc) Right click “Open with…” > check always use > IGNORE ANY EXISTING SumatraPDF icons > go to the last entry=search for another app > navigate to current SumatraPDF.exe and select it.