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I’m trying to print .pdf files via the command line using the argument -print-settings “shrink,duplex” -print-to “” “C:\pdf_dump\test.pdf”

When this is used, some of the bottom of the first page is cut off, however when opening sumatra and printing via the gui, everything works as expected. I believe I’m using the same printer settings (duplex, shrink, all pages), any ideas?

I’m using the portable version of sumatraPDF on windows 7



Unfortunately printing depends on printing drivers, they differ from printer to printer.

In theory, there should be no difference. In practice, apparently there is, but there’s nothing I can do without debugging the code while printing to that specific printer.


I have the same problem when printing in thermal format, in the interface I print “Use the original size of the page” and it is correct.
From the command line I send it with -print-settings “noscale”, and it is cut off