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When I use Sumatra to print a document from the command line, the following window appears:

Is there any way that it does not appear?

The instruction that I use is:

start /min C:\TRABAJO\BORRAME\04.06.2019\SumatraPDFPortable\SumatraPDFPortable.exe -print-to “HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.4.1)” “\\albaranes_ontex\0650312760.pdf”

Thank you.


I am unsure how legitimate that variant is ( @kjk do you wish to comment)

There is NO need to use such an extra layer of complexity on what is already a lightweight portable app. I suspect the portable apps wrapper is interfering and as such you need to get help for that at portableapps why not use the clean portable version here


Using that version it works! Thanks!