Print settings, use of color



For weeks I’ve been looking for decent tool for silent printing and it looks like I’ve found it.

All things tested seems to be working like expected. Only the “color” indication doesn’t seem to get any reaction from the printer.

I’m using following to get my pdf printed in color

start SumatraPDF.exe -print-to “\printserver\MFC Hall 22 (MFC001)” -print-settings “duplex,color” \VDWMAR02\vdwtemp\000000141\PO_RNL908_2.PDF

Any help would be appriciated.



From you syntax it appears you are using a networked printer that has been set to default in economy mono/greytone mode.
Your command looks reasonable (just check the " " are conventional doubles) as in forum post they get converted to enhanced quotes.
It is not unusual for some networked print drivers to not see (2 way commands) or not respect (rights) requests to change default mode. The easiest way to deal with this is to set-up a separate duplicate (not default) printer using the same driver but with a different name and set its default values in your case to color.


Thx for a quick reply,

The “easy way” is working but not that convenient too handle for user and automated projects.
Any ideas on a “hard way” workout?



I have to accept, without knowing the method / ability of users to select the printer from your front-end, in my setup I simply chose “MyColor” (or other landscape etc profile) printer at print time. So up for a challenge lets go round the houses, so you need to check version of SumatraPDF for “color” support, it was introduced in 2015 so if using a version prior to 3.1 its not there (so not in 3.0), then check if firewall or user rights is interfering with coms so “simplify” command to try and adjust any other default, however each can have other issues. you are using duplex as the other override so if the printer is set default to non-duplex does “duplex” alone work from command line instruction or is that also ignored ?
You may not find some help from MyNotes (skim read any that don’t at first glance seem to be applicable)
From another user their driver appears not to work the opposite way (mono) but we never did find out if that was the driver or not see



Version is ok, other settings are working fine. Had a talk with people of “infrastructure” and they explained that the “color” can’t be overruled (except manually). So the “easy way” will be the solution.

Our project is situated on Iseries (AS400) where pdf’s are created and steered printing depending on multiple parameters. Therefore following question. Is it possible to show the dialog box overruling the default printer by another (if it’s defined)? Did some attempts by using -print-dialog in combination with -print-to but no success so far;

Thx for the support and the usefull tool


Apologies you had to reply twice as they got held up for approval, I have deleted the earlier one as they are very similar

Default printer is set by system so you need to change that outside sumatrapdf first
I think others have poked registry or used scripting wrapper may be possible in a batch file but ensure you have a catchall command incase print flow fails and user needs to revert to “normal”


Thx for the info, will try a wrapping and see where we strand.

On succes I’ll keep you informed, don’t like to talk about failures.