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Sorry, my English is not so good, so I use the Google translator.
I’ve been using “Sumatra” for quite some time and I’m pretty happy with it.
But always have the problem that I want to print only certain areas of a PDF.

That’s why the question:
Is it possible
to print a particular area or
the current view Prints?

Greetings Hobi


Yes This is perfectly possible
However, you need to understand the limitations imposed by your system.

To select an area the function is supplied by

  1. Pick any corner (it does not matter which one) Hold down Command / Control Key
  2. Move mouse away towards opposite corner
  3. Release the Ctrl Key
  4. Continue to increase / decrease / alter shape of rectangular area by moving mouse
  5. Left Click to apply
  6. Not happy go back to 1 and try again
    7a) Select print and print
    7b) Alternatively Right Click & select “Copy Selection” Now in clipboard you can use in another app

The printer will determine the outcome

A) NOT all printers can offer to print a selection (here I use MS Print to PDF which does)
B) NOT all printers allow custom page size (here MS print to pdf will default to A4)

Page size is not generally a problem when printing to physical papers

If you want downstream control over the selection it is best to 7b) Right Click and Copy selection then paste the selected image area into an image page (I use MS paint) then manipulate for further processing.

I usually use PNG for storage then you could open that file with SumatraPDF and save as PDF or print in different ways (subject to those printer options :slight_smile: )