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Hello, first time here!
I use Sumatra to view PDF files. When I print a PDF I would like that it always gets printed on A3-paper. I have a printer, wich is my standard printer in Windows, with multiple trays and one of them contains A3-paper.
I don’t want A3 to be the standard size for everything I print, just for PDF files through Sumatra. I use Sumatra only for the PDF files.
Is this possible and can someone help me out with this?
I’m a bit of a noob on this. I searched the forum and found some page with command lines, but it’s not all clear to me.


Use the latest Pre-release (portable will do) It has extra printing enhancements

  1. if the page is an A3 page it will try to send that size UNLESS the default printer page / bin is A4 (bit of a black art changing paper size and bin per page)

  2. you can force the page to A3 using -printer-settings "paper=A3"

  3. you can force the bin using -printer-settings "paper=A3, the manual...".