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Preview handler for cbr files appears broken in 12091

I build the git for commit 12091 and while the preview handler works for pdf. epub and cbz files it does not show thumbs for cbr files, cbr files open fine tho.
I haven’t tried current commit 12102.
Is has this been fixed or is it a new issue as cbr handler is off by default for release builds.

Hi Ianis sorry for delay, I had noticed a problem (not necessarily of your making) with SumatraPDF-3.3.12458-64 build and CBR5 (did they work for you?)

For compilation issues its best to raise it as a fresh issue on GitHub

nope my mistake had too many files in a folder and SumatraPDF processes cbz’s before cbr’s, leaving explorer open a few minutes extracts thumbs from all supported files.

Ok look forward to a new compile ?
update to readme
#1 This build ignores pdf restrictions
now so does SumatraPDF pre-release
#2 #3 and #4 are still valid

Glad you dropped UPX compression (Note your build name shows as 1000 behind kjk so not sure if thats why it wants to download a newer 13104?)
Anyway thanks, I always look forward to trying out your dlls
Not your doing, and took me a while of head scratching, however I had forgot the command line is case sensitive.

Uninstalled all previous versions, and was about to registered your x64 dll when I spotted some CBR/RAR previwer was still active, So was really useful to show me there must be some 3rd party previewer I must have installed is blocking SumatraPDF RAR5 previewer support.
So thats why I was having some problems.