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After switching to “presentation” mode and selecting some text, I felt the need to unselect it via mouse click. My expectations were that first click would unselect the text, and then the second click (after there is no selected text) would switch to next page, but it wasn’t the case. I constantly kept switching to next page, and it started to annoy me a bit. After some time trying to figure out what’s happening I found out that only clicks on the text would show next page, but not the ones to the side of the page or on images. I don’t think it is a big issue, but a small attention to detail. Cheers!


there are a few differences between presentation mode and fullscreen
In presentation mode (usually with a projector and mouse beam) left click and right click (anywhere) should go forward or back a page.
To do as you wished you need to use left mouse swipe to select and a shifted left click to deselect

Note it is the same behaviour as in full screen mode but that will allow you to switch off with or without shift as you expected