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Home / PreRelease v3.2.11105 64bit creates a folder in LocalAppData


The Sumatra PreRelease v3.211105 64bit creates a folder in LocalAppData on my system (W10-64bit),
t.k: c:\Users*user*\AppData\Local\SumatraPDF with in there -> *\extracted\4cf0a5e830f43ff30fd26332a82292a3\unrar64.dll

The stable (v3.1.2.0) release not, which means that the Pre Release is not completely Portable.
(The file unrar64.dll for extracting the Portable possible!)
The question: is that normal for a Pre Release?
Thank you for your time,
I wish you a nice day.


This has been reported as an issue see however I am not sure from @kjk 's comment “improve this to use existing dll first” that the consequences have been noted.


Sorry I did not know that there was already a report about it, i searched for but found nothing.
Thank you for your RE.