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Over the past few days the page we get directed to ( has no download links. Have checked with multiple browsers (Chrome and Firefox based) from multiple PCs and looked at the source of the page.


Certainly I have been using that page frequently for checking the latest builds

It is possible you have disabled JavaScript or an ad blocker has kicked in.

Due to the need to constantly adjust the 8 download locations it has been scripted, it is unlikely that both servers went down especially as one is Amazon.

@kjk There have been another comment that nothing is visibly available. Can you confirm “no script” browsers are able to see the default warning ?


I just checked and it works for me on Chrome on Windows.

Can you post a screenshot of what the browser renders?

Are you running extensions that block websites?

Are you on a e.g. corporate network that might block pages / websites?

Do you have JavaScript disabled?

If you know e.g. Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl-Shift-I or context menu Inspect, tab Console), is there anything printed there when you re-load the page?


My 2 cents @ok1: you need to allow scripts from otherwise sumatralatest.js doesn’t run and then download links don’t show.


Thanks for feedback. Found cause, was using as the DNS provider. Change that and all good
I assume that that Quad9 DNS was blocking the Javascript that the page requires.


Here’s the previous comment from someone facing the same issue.

BTW @kjk there’s even a long-standing issue about this that you might want to address: