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Please make the interface look better


It helps to know exactly which part of interface you wish to change

SumatraPDF has always been keyboard driven with maximum reader area / minimum clutter. Thus there is little to make “better”.

A new keyboard certainly helps me each time the old one wears out, and of course you can always edit the 11 icons to your own taste.


Ok, I see. thank you for your response.
But there is an another problem that the font in MOBI is too small. And we dont’t have a option to turn up the font.


The font and its size are controlled in

settings > advanced options
so you can change from default Georgia and size 12.5

  EbookUI [
   	FontName = Georgia
   	FontSize = 12.5
   	TextColor = #5f4b32
   	BackgroundColor = #fbf0d9
   	UseFixedPageUI = true

If you switch between UseFixedPageUI = true and false you will see the font and its size are respected but the effects of size are different see

here I set it to Arial 14

Some users complain that on high resolution screens the top and side text is too small
NOTE that is a windows setting as described here