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Hello, i want to start the first page from the right, so how can I reverse it to get page number 1 on the right and number 2 on the left.
Please help and thank you for this fast program.1


If you need to permanently reorder the pages or generate a copy of a file with the pages re-ordered then I can recommend pd fLabs pdf-tk server which is a free, as in gratis & GPL command line tool that is available for Windows, Mac and most Linux installations. It can perform a huge range of PDF manipulations say that you had an original file called Fred.pdf and wish to re-order all of the pages as you describe then you can do so with a command like:

pdftk A=Fred.pdf shuffle Aeven Aodd output ShuffledFred.pdf

You can then view ShuffledFred.pdf and either replace Fred.pdf with it or discard it.



Thanks for your input However the request is to change the viewer to allow for Arabic / Hebrew reading (clarified in new heading) which is a different setting probably not available in Western Software like Pdftk.

There are multiple settings in a PDF for RTL users and western software usually ignore them or do not support them well. @eeeE2Eeee Try SumatraPDF 3.1.2 for comparison.

The source PDF is often itself wrong in its declarations of reading order, since there are several conflicting conventions so two Rights can force a Left.


Taking Download book Adanaspor now Python - Learn python now pdf - Noor Library as an example I was able to swap the pages nicely using the above command. The only issue that I had was with the command line not accepting typing after the Arabic characters in the book title - so I had to rename it.