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Pin a window so it's "Always on Top"

Pin the window on top means keeping the window of SumatraPDF on the top of other stuff, which is pretty much a simple feature (I think). But it’s quite useful when we are reading the document and doing some other things simultaneously, especially when we write something and refer to a document with a device that does not have a screen big enough.
I know I can split the screen and let the writer be one side and SumatraPDF to be the other side. But due to the size of a small screen, pin the PDF reader on the top may be very helpful than split the screen. Maybe a button of “pin on top” can help this.
Thanks for your attention.


It “should” be a very simple feature of Windows and the easiest one line of code in many utilities, however Microsoft Windows own extra utilities (PowerToys) has been struggling to achieve a stable version see Always on Top. This topic was previously rejected several times and it’s generally considered a Windows shortcoming. See GitHub issues #290, #443 and #970. So once stable Windows or its PowerToys should eventually provide the missing feature.

Until Then
The best simple solution is an AHK script but that requires a 3rd party approach, For one such variant see but there are many many alternatives and very easy to write your own (look on youtube) so if you want to use ALTT to “Toggle aTop” in any app or window, use AutoHotKey to run or compile the following MyTopWish.ahk and run it when starting Windows.

;Alt+T = Toggle The "AlwaysOnTop" status of the current window
!t::WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, Toggle, A

I built above alt T version as an exe to Link, which was easy to compile with a nice T logo, it’s the version I use, since some other DIY versions such as or prebuilt for you use CTRLSpace which conflicts with one of the SumatraPDF next page shortcuts. However since VirusTotal gives me a poor reputation score for my version (which is 100% clean) I won’t post a link. but the Google Dev version as linked above gets zero bad points for his file at !!