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Hi, I’m sure there’s a perfectly simple explanation for what’s happening, and I am going to feel silly for asking (and for not being able to find the answer myself). But…

I have two different PDFs that I need to compare side by side, to find where corrections have been made or where they need to be made.

Instead of opening in two separate windows that can be shrunk down to size and compared alongside each other, my PDFs are layered on top of each other in tabs.

My OS is Windows 7.

Is there a way to pull the PDFs apart so they’re not covering each other up?

Thank you, ~ Jeanette


I must improve this but currently the way to do it is to switch to non-tabbed version.

You can use Options menu, turn off tabs mode and restart Sumatra.

After that each file will be opened in its own window.


Thank you so much! That worked for me.

At first I thought it wasn’t working, because one file layered over the other, but I was able to drag the top one over to the side so I can work with the files.

Once again, than you for your prompt and effective instructions!

~ Jeanette


Had the same problem - great help on how to fix this!


Until this behavior is changed, and IF you want two sessions with tabs see one workaround