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Hello, I have problem with print quality. Printe is OKI C532 if it matters.
In sumatra is printed text made by many little dots instead of continuous black surface.
When same document is printed from foxit pdf editor then result is perfect.
When same document is printed from adobe reader then result is similar like sumatra but dots are more dense.
Any idea what is causing different outputs?
Sample document is here:;attach=149214
Thank you.


I loaded that driver to see if I could spot what makes differences in its output. It has lots of possible related options, however unlike many other drivers it is a very OKI dedicated PCL6 format that I cannot view without the printer itself.
Using the sample via other print drivers I can see significant differences between Acrobat, Foxit and SumatraPDF that could impact on a LED print, but the permutations are too many to say how they may be adjusted.
SumatraPDF has a few very basic outputs that generally works well with common inkjet printers. So ALL output since 3.0 should be roughly the same image quality (But with the March MS printing problems some versions throughput seemed to be handled differently ?). However that fixed output is modified by the related print driver producing differences between user outputs.
The only way to vary that fixed input to the print driver is to try version 3.0 with the two alternatives of PAI (Print As Image) checked OR unchecked. beware if using CLI printing you may need to alter the override within settings.txt.


Dear developer,
thank you very much for detailed info and your tests, really appreciate that. OKI offers several drivers, I will try other and report you result. At moment I’m Using PCL6 with above results.
I will update you later with other combination test.