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PDF looks ok in Acrobat but not in SumatraPDF

Hello, I converted a PDF with book scans using ACROBAT and it looks ok on that software. But, opening the same file on Sumatra gives me some problem with certain letters like o, d and e. The letter o, for example, is a black circle and the other two have the blank space filled. This problem also occurs with Chrome and Edge, but not Explorer. Is there a solution for this? I don’t want to use Acrobat for studying. Sumatra looks cleaner and more comfortable to use.

If the same problem is manifesting itself in Sumatra, Chrome and Edge, I’d say there’s clearly some sort of authoring (conversion) issue here (possibly font related?).

How exactly did you convert the file using Acrobat, and from which format to PDF? Can you share the converted file?

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