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PDF display slightly shifted down-right on file auto-reload, v3.3.13136


Working with TeXstudio, I often re-compile TeX files. Having the screen shared between TeXstudio and Sumatra comes in very hand, as one can continue editing at one part of the screen while Sumatra automatically reloads the re-compiled file in the background. I’ve recently installed the v3.3.13136 64-bit pre-release version (git commit b6453ab).

In this version of Sumatra, the page is shifted slightly down and right when reloading a file in the background. Specifically, it seems that the page is re-rendered 3 times whenever a file is reloaded (why isn’t once enough?). On each rendering, the page is shifted slightly to the bottom-right. Exampe:

Screenshot before recompilation:

Screenshot after:

The TeXstudio window (to the bottom-left of each screenshot) was not moved between the re-compilations. Example was generated on re-compilations of this example file.

Thank you for the great work on Sumatra!


I have opened Issue

Keep an eye on that for any change/fix

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