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sumatra pdf can set start point (0,0) at bottom left corner?



Unclear about your question, PDF is usually defined internally as a working origin bottom left then the visible page corners could be expressed as + or - from that point. Rough user guide at

SumatraPDF uses screen based co-ordinates so M easure tool and scrolling down page values are based on cursor position from top left of image boundary for the total visible page / area as with most raster image based systems.

Just an odd side note that some CAD users set 0,0 origin to bottom right so that no matter how large the drawings all title panels are aligned and can be interrogated easily by scaling in a database driven EDM system.


Hello Tom_oy,
I think I know what you are asking for. Some PDFs have the Mediabox and Cropbox origins shifted to a value that is not (0,0). All internal PDF objects are shifted accordingly. Settings the PDF Objects origin back to (0,0) requires all objects to be moved with a relative coordinate transformation and under consideration that the original PDF may have page rotation too. Sumtra PDF cannot do that and I do not think it should be expected to do such a transformation either. I am the developer of advanced PDF manipulation and automation software. If you want an industrial strength professional solution that can manipulate PDF objects and set the origin to (0,0) feel free to contact me at pdfmagick at gmail dot com.
Best Regards