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I love Sumatra mainly because It’s the best app to read pdf and comics. But since there is a relatively big gap between the pages / images, I wanted to change that in “PageSpacing” I’ve just changed it from 4 4 to 0 0. But it doesn’t work. No matter what I wrote there it didn’t do anything.

I’d appreciate assistance.



As the description of that feature indicates, PageSpacing specifies the “horizontal and vertical distance between two pages in facing and book view modes.”

Are you sure you’re viewing your PDFs/comics in either of those view modes?


Hi Peter, thanks for the reply. Well, I’m actually reading everything in unlimited scroll mode. I thought it’d apply on this mode as well. Is there a way to make that happen?.

Here is a example from the manga Solo Leveling.

As you can see it’s a little bit distracting… I wish there was a way to reduce these gaps.


Doesn’t seem like it. You can add your request to the ever-growing pile on GitHub and hope for the best. :slight_smile: