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I notice that this is strictly a “reader” so there is no “new document” function and no “edit document”. Does Sumatra offer a more robust version. I often take pictures of poems, articles etc as separate jpgs. It would be nice to be able to lump them in order into a pdf!! Any sugestions (aside from spending $500 on Adobe products!

Dave Lea - Fish Creek, WI


You are correct its a reader (but can save single or multiple images to PDF)
E.g. It can open a single image or folder of images (try drag and drop)
Windows Right Click compress a folder of such images then .zip can be renamed to .cbz
also try “save as” pdf option with both above to see differences,

Creation is unsupported but if the files are in name order then the above works like flipbook (down arrow with single page)

Any of that help ?

By way of example here a,762,509 bytes) of 5scaled.jpgs is open and saved as a pdf.(1,770,836 bytes) If the view is set to fullpage it is easy to flip through all the formats and save one out full scale if needed. I only need to keep either pdf or zip (both are similar storage.)


No, but you can try the possibly buggy but updated pre-release builds if you’re using the stable release (3.1.2) which is almost 3 years old now.

Yes, it’s not a very discoverable feature but as GitHubRulesOK has mentioned you can drag and drop an entire folder of images onto an open Sumatra window, then use File > Save As to save them all to a single PDF. If you want the images to appear in a certain order then you’ll have to number them sequentially (for example 0000.jpg, 0001.png, 0002.jpg etc.).


Irfanview is a free program that has a very robust conversion, including to PDF with a plugin that is also free.


True, but unless I missed it I don’t see any way with IrfanView to create a PDF from lossy JPGs without converting the JPGs in some way. What I mean is, with Sumatra you can quickly create a PDF having the combined size of the JPGs plus minimal overhead. This is because it stores the JPG data as-is untouched, and you can confirm this by extracting the JPGs and doing a bitwise comparison with the originals. I couldn’t replicate this with IrfanView’s ImPDF plugin. Of course some people may not care, but I rather like the fact that Sumatra doesn’t alter lossy JPGs in any way and they can make the round-trip to PDF and back with no data loss whatsoever.


ImPDF plugin for IrfanView always makes image conversion and is unsupported for a long time. You can use ImageToPDF written by Jesse Yeager from instead - it’s free, small, fast and can create pdf with no image conversion.
However, I think that CBZ may be a better choice in many cases - you can easy add, remove or edit included images and see their metadata.