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Hi, I would like to keep the original font of my epub book but (basing to the configuration file) I see that the EbookUI section declares the font Georgia and the font size 12.5.
I’m reading a technical book and with this configuration it is very complex to understand some parts (especially the code examples).
Thanks in advance


Most e-books don’t have a “font” they frequently have relative size and some have styles in exactly the same fashion as web pages so here is part of Dracula in my browser and SumatraPDF with “Arial” and “Georgia” its up to you to change the default font for Internet Explorer or SumatraPDF what font do you think an e-pub should have?


Hi, thanks for your quick answer.
My problem is not a mere font preference.
As I told I read many technical books.
This is how one page is displayed by another ereader:

as you can see the code part has a specific font, and the general layout is something that I expect from a professional technical book.


The following is instead a screenshot of the same page displayed in sumatra (I reset the configuration by deleting the folder in user/appdata/roaming to be sure that it was not due to some change that I applied before

the difference is quite evident, the code part is very difficult to understand.


Without a link to your example I can only comment that it appears for that usage you may benefit from switching to Fixed UI e.g. in Advanced settings under EbookUI section switch from UseFixedPageUI = false to true, a secondary benefit is then having zoom and search function available. Fonts may still have some effect.


I think it’s not about FixedPageUI. It’s irrelevant, in both cases Sumatra uses proportional font.

The problam is that Sumatra PDF ignores some elements of styles in CSS. For example it recognizes old tags like <i>, <b>, <pre> but doesn’t know how to manage <span class="code">.

On the other side, good ebook readers allow to choose which style elements are overrided.