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Hello. I am using Calibre as my ebook management program and I have set SumatraPDF as external epub viewer. It handles epub files quickly and fine.

Calibre can convert an epub file to another epub file changing its file extension to .original_epub; this opens the possibility of storing two versions of the same ebook.

However, files having the .original_epub extension cannot be read by SumatraPDF, unless going through the hassle of copying it to a temp folder and changing the “.original_epub” extension back to “.epub”. This means that the problem lies in recognizing the file extension rather than a file format problem.

For us compulsive epub readers it would be a must if you could add the feature of being able to read these .original_epub files, perhaps by parsing the file extension to check for the presence of the string “epub”.


I dont think that is easy since an epub is a zip file with a specific extension, and windows would need to be altered to accept .original_epub is an equivalence to .epub

You can change it to .zip for browsing I suggest asking calibre to do what every other windows app usually does and change backups to filename_original.epub