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Show pages continuously is a great feature to have while reading long pdf files. It helps keep track of where you are in the page.

I open a lot of different pdf files. And once in awhile I need to change the page view and then back.

But I notice that the option “Show pages continuously” does not seem to preserve when I change page views.

So can we have a setting or a checkbox that says “Always show pages continuously”


There is an Option to set it when you open any file

It is also the default for the Icon FitWidth & Continuous

Which has its own shortcut toggle C in addition to the menu setting.

It is also then active by default in practically any other mode such as continuous facing or continuous book and there would be no point in having a force continuous in single page mode, since that is left up to user to deCide.


Thank you. I didn’t know “C” toggles whether or not pages show continuously. I had wrongly assumed that there was no shortcut key since there was nothing listed beside the option under View.

I think the shortcut key will suffice for now.