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Usually I have like 30+ pdf files opened in Sumatra Reader at the end of my day. Some of those pdfs are needed once a week, some once a month (because it’s very handy to have all your ref base opened at once with all that pdfs scattered around in so many directories and all).

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Sumatra load only the last VISIBLE pdf file at start? And not trying to load all the other 29+ pdfs at once (unless they are really needed, which is when they became VISIBLE too)? Because thise pdf may be really heavy these days (I saw a 1 Gb toster manual once).

Every time, clicking on Sumatra icon, I have to WAIT. Oh boy, with 30+ pdf opened on last session it takes forever to start! On firing up Task Manager, I can see Sumatra have already eaten up about 2+ Gb of my RAM. Even if all I wanted is just to quick look at some 10 Mb pdf file and quit! No good at all.

Yes, I have “ReloadModifiedDocuments = false” in my SumatraPDF-settings.txt.

Also, when crashed (usually post-sleep/hibernation), Sumatra always lose all its opened tabs, starting very quickly but with no pdfs opened. Which is real PITA with all those 30+ pdf from different directories and all. But may be it’s because of using beta.

Thank you.
Sumatra Reader is the best.
v 3.2.10766 64-bit.


Good idea. I’ve opened to track this.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do given current code.


You mean it should behave the way Firefox for example does, not actually loading a tab opened in the background (or when it recovers multiple tabs after a crash) until the tab is selected and made active? +1, it’s a good idea.

Nope, it’s a known issue. The problem seems to be that Sumatra saves its SessionData in SumatraPDF-settings.txt only on a graceful exit, so naturally a crash prevents this from happening and your session is lost. Not sure if or how the dev intends to fix this. Perhaps Sumatra can allow more frequent saving of SessionData, much like the option MS Word provides that allows users to specify how often AutoRecover info should be saved.