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First, many thanks for this great software!

It seems SumatraPDFversion 3.2 opens/switches through only PDF documents in the same directory and ignores for example JPG files when using <Left/Right>.

If I remember correctly, previous versions opened/switched through all files having any supported filetype.

Is this desired behaviour?


It does look like 3.2 ignores images in current folder as they are not a listed type to open.
But oddly if you drag and drop the folder to open it then only the images are shown (which is standard behaviour)

Testing with latest pre-release I have no problem with CTRL SHIFT left/right arrows. (similar to 3.1.2) showing images.

Note: There may be some odd cases where an invalid file or its contents may stop progress continuing to the next valid file.


Thank you for testing this with the pre-release. I will see if I can switch to that at least temporarily.


There are portable builds at


I can confirm that the problem does not exist with the pre-release v3.3.13082.Thanks!