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Is there any way to customise the “fit width and show page continuously” option? Whenever I zoom in, it goes from 150% to fid width and back to 200% which is oddly discomfort :smile:

My only option to bypass the weird zooming function is getting rid of 200% but it does not smoothly zoom. I want to zoom: 150, 175, 200, 225, fit width, 250,…

(some of the pdf files can be zoomed smoothly but some don’t - with the same exact setting)

Is there any way to achieve that?

My current settings:
ShowMenubar = true
ReloadModifiedDocuments = true
FullPathInTitle = false
ZoomLevels = 8.33 12.5 18 25 33.33 50 100 125 150 200 300 400 600 800 1000 1200 1600 2000 2400 3200 4800 6400
ZoomIncrement = 0
DefaultDisplayMode = automatic
DefaultZoom = 225%
WindowState = 2


The zoom steps include some not usually listed such as “fitted width” which can cause the odd effect you describe. In the last few days, one oddity was fixed, that affected either Max / Min zoom or both. but would probably have less affect on those mid range ones you describe.
But its worth checking if latest DailyBuilds helps in your case, and if not then supply a file in a new issue at GitHub-SumatraPDF which has ALL same size pages where it is most notable, However note that it will also depend on the current view window width.


No, it doesn’t seem to fix the problem but something very interesting to notice is that the “horizontal scroll bar” appears at the bottom after zooming from fitted width to 200%. (200% is less than fitted width). Normally the horizontal scroll bar only appears if the file was zoomed larger than fitted-page.

p.s. quite a number of files have this problem but some others don’t. Not too sure if this is caused by the pdf file itself.


The reason I suggest only complain about files with ALL pages the same width is that when viewing files with rotated pages or mixed sizes then zoom factor is collaterally damaged by moving through the file, as a default “page width” can not be static.

For example the file I am currently viewing is all A4 pages and I don’t presently see that behaviour but may expect to see it in a file of mixed widths. Also would depend on which page mode is active since continuous or book modes are likely to be looking ahead of the current page shape but zoomed in single pages are less likely to show a problem.


right i see. Thanks for fast response :+1:


When zooming in and out with preset zoom states, I noticed that Sumatra will snap to a fit page and fit width states. Can I disable this behavior? I would strongly prefer it to stick with my defined zoom levels.

As the software is now, cycling zoom levels behaves weirdly when viewing PDFs with varied page sizes. Clicking zoom in causes my PDF zoom out when switching over to fit page mode and vice versa.


For those files with multiple (2 or more) page formats e.g. A4 Landscape and A4 portrait or two sizes etc. there is an ongoing open issue

However it sounds like in some cases the pages are uniform ?
I.e what you initially describe will be the case even if it is one page. And that snapping to window frame, as far as I can tell has always been the desired case without any issue being raised.

It is only multiple pages that may cause the unexpected in / out behaviour