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My main monitor is 4K and my secondary monitor is standard 1920x1080. When I open Sumatra on my main screen, and then move the window to my second screen (or create a new Sumatra window and move that one to the other screen), the menu bar and tabs become very large (as if they haven’t scaled based on the resolution change). There are no problems with the document viewing itself, though. I don’t remember this happening in previous versions. I have recently upgraded to v3.2 for Windows. Of course this isn’t necessarily a vital fix, but it would be nice if the top bar didn’t take up so much space relative to the document I’m viewing.

As a sidenote–this software is awesome. Unless I’m doing something very specific/complex with a PDF, this is absolutely my preferred viewer over Adobe. Thank you!


DPI was improved after 3.2 try latest 64 bit portable daily first as has all latest fixes (and a few less bugs) but 3.1.2 is still classed as stable :slightly_smiling_face: and for both 3.1.2 AND 3.2 you can use your own toolbar_11.bmp to suit preferred icon size


Thanks! This looks nicer. The menu bar and tabs are still quite a bit larger compared to the document, but I think maybe that’s just something that will happen between resolutions anyway (it’s like that in Chrome, for example). But the menu bar itself looks clean and crisp!