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I have been using Sumatra for many years also under Windows 10. Only recently it has started to regularly crash upon compiling a LaTeX file under TeXnicCenter. This happens quite often now, every third time, say, on the average, regardless whether there are LaTeX errors or not.

What happens is that Sumatra’s green box first shows movement, but then it changes color to red. I need to then close it. If I compile the file again, sometimes it does not crash, but often it crashes again.

I would appreciate a hint what to do.


Rafal Ablamowicz


That’s a tough one, i.e intermittent
The best way to get an answer is first report it as it is a fresh problem

Ensure the debug option was activated using debug > download symbols, it will take a few seconds to confirm or re-download 3x.pdb files into either the working location of the exe or a crashinfo folder

Then follow the next crash report instructions to upload the crashreport

You can do that by just uploading in a zip only the sumatrapdfcrash txt and dmp files no need to send the pdb files