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  1. I see (from this post) that allowing a new view into an existing document was requested and then implemented. That is good! However, I would not have discovered the feature from Sumatra itself. For, the feature seems to lack a corresponding menu item. Might we have one? Otherwise one needs to remember the shortcut - and be aware of it in the first place. Also - call this (1b) - a new view within a tab would be more useful than a whole new window.

  2. it is hard to determine which document one is looking at, if one has several loaded. Or is this just a problem with my PC’s theming or my Sumata setup? [Here is a screenshot]

    that illustrates the problem.

  1. You are right to say New Window with current file (using shift) is not identified as alternative to New Window which has recently been added to Menu image

1b) that is less clear , are you requesting a second copy of existing document in a fresh tab, since that is (agreed not easily) a case of just reopening current document, however others have requested that function occurs when clicking on a hyperlink to another page within document which is even more difficult to marshal

  1. Long time issue related to windows changes to theming covered by