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Original title: SumatraPDF-3.2-64-install.exe: Bitdefender reports as "Infected Web Resource"

I get this every time I try to download the SumatraPDF-3.2-64-install.exe


Looks like its a false positive as I just downloaded from official page and get a valid signed copy (note pre-releases are unsigned so more likely to trigger a false positive or valid warning that they are unsigned)

check the sha-256 value using virustotal to check reputation of that download it should be



VirusTotal show that for that file the following Bit defender AV analysis should be
BitDefender Undetected
BitDefenderTheta - Undetected

for more details see



looks like CRDF bad robots are the culprit for false reports

The domain name is well known to violate our detection criteria.

  • Internal ID: 14423629
  • Detection category: Malicious:URL
  • Date and hour: about 3 months ago
  • Advert domain: No

Detection history

  • Added to the database by “Robot Explorer” - about 3 months ago

Threats found on the website

Nothing to display yet.

So all they have to do is say they dont like the way a site is run, wonder why they have not blacklisted google or microsoft ?


Original title: Virus Warning for Prerel Version

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

App: SumatraPDF-prerel-13112-64-install(3).exe
Publisher: Unknown publisher

Also from Symantec


Unfortunately it’s to be expected, the major league players insist that app builders need to digitally sign their software, so pre-release which could be uploaded several times in one day is unsigned. The more recent Release Builds such as 3.2 are signed.


Good morning everyone,
I’m a fan of SumatraPDF and never had the problem downloading it. Until now. I updated to Windows 10 20H2 and it now tells me that “SumatraPDF-3.2-64-install.exe” is unsafe and will harm my pc.

Relevant url:

Microsoft offered to report it as safe. I just did that.

Just fyi.