Sumatra PDF is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows

Mobi to pdf/word

How could I convert a mobi file opened by Sumatra into a true pdf or a word file?
Thanks in advance.

SumatraPDF like any document reader is not a converter application but can be used to produce an image readeable PDF using Microsoft print to PDF.
However, the result will simply be a sequence of images, which like any scanned PDF is difficult for other applications to convert to textual PDF or provide good OCR glyphs to use in MS Word.

There are many online converters that are format converters which are dedicated to provide converted text.

I tried every online converter without luck, and Caliber fails even to just open the file with the reader. Sumatra works like a charm though.

SumatraPDF changed to image only after version 3.0
If you use print to PDF and do NOT select “print to image” in the portable 3.0 version from you may be able to produce a good textual layout in a PDF
If the screen layout is reasonable in SumatraPDF it can then possibly be cut and pasted into Word/WordPad. However, that is very time-consuming for a full book since the text will be plain and simple without formatting and images will need to be transferred one by one, also I have to point out such conversion may breach copyright.

As SumatraPDF was never intended for such use I would tend to look at converters such as PanDoc to do the bulk of epub text conversion [See my later comment where I note PanDoc does not handle .mobi or .pdf thus will not help in this case]

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Could you post a link to the last version? I do not know how to download from Github

The SumatraPDF link is to historic versions page from this site is currently the tenth item down

I can not provide links to specific converters so you need to check through where the github file can be downloaded via rightclick same as above

After installing it, all I get is this link: file:///C:/Users/Usuario/AppData/Local/Pandoc/Pandoc%20User’s%20Guide.html

could you offer please a step by step guideline for the conversion?

Sorry on checking PanDoc site it may only accept epub / fb2 / html formats as input not raw Pdf or Mobi bottom line is that I can really only help with SumatraPDF as a reader.

There are mobireader forums that can best advise on conversion.

Hi @errorloading , have you tried any of online converters? You can find tons of free online converters, I mostly use this converter to convert Mobi files like your. Try it out if you didn’t. It is completely free, the time of conversion depends on your internet speed.