Menu bar with 8-bit graphics


I’m trying out SumatraPDF (64 bit). It seems to work, but the menu bar doesn’t look like any of the screenshots I pulled up on google. It looks like an '70s-era video game. Anyone else?


Don’t see why google toolbars should differ much. 12 years ago there were only 5 buttons and all of those have evolved and been added to since then. You can always skin them yourself or supply some slowdown code to decompress hi-res on the fly or perhaps slower vector constant redraw routines just keep the option for me to use old speedy bmp icons


Uhmm… what?
Does your menu bar look like mine, or not?

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If I download a fresh copy then without opening files or customising yes it defaults identical to yours

when you have a file open they default to look like this however mine are much bigger and you can see how to customise here