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Hello all,

I really like SumatraPDF. I has been used it for a while now. It super light, fast and very handy.

Today I read pdf and I try to move the pages. I wish to do like Microsoft Word when you press CTRL F and it shows Navigation Pane. In that pane has Pages section which shows small thumbnail of each page. This can help me move across each pages faster and more efficient because I can see the small content before I click to jump to that page.

I really wonder that this feature ("the page preview thumbnail pane) available in SumatraPDF or not? I try to click and cannot find it. Could anyone point me out please?

Thank you.


Yet another long-standing request but not implemented yet, so no surprise you couldn’t find it:


I want suggest view option to show page preview panel like in PowerPoint


This has been often suggested in the past and current open issue is covered by