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After version 3.1.2 (64 bits) links in pages 49 and 50 in this document don’t work any more:

This is the detailed problem:

  1. Download the previous document and open it with Sumatra 3.2. (64 bits). My O.S. is win 10.
  2. Go to page 15.
  3. Click on the hiperlink (almost at the end of the page) in blue “anexo nacional”.
  4. It works and takes you to pg. 49.
  5. Now click on the first blue arrow (it’s a link that takes you back to the page 15). But it doesn’t work.

I only would like to let you know just in case you can fix it in upcoming versions.



Thanks for the sample
I note that viewed within my Edge browser from page 15 it has a “Go To Page#” Hyperlink for page 49 as described
HOWEVER in the browser viewer those animated blue arrows do not work, thus they are NOT the same simple internal “Go To Page#” links, like that first initial textual hyperlink.

If I download the file and reopen in Edge then those “Volver” annotation links work.

In one viewer I used to compare, there is nothing to see in the margin of page 49 (the annotation linked “Arrows” are not visible and thus there is no link area either)

SumatraPDF is dependant on how different types of links are handled by MuPDF and here the difference can be found, since MuPDF will currently not action those return annotated links either.

In SumatraPDF you can return with Alt + Left = go back

I have raised regression as an issue Hyperlink annotations regression · Issue #1914 · sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf (


I’m also having trouble with a couple of links not working correctly when exported to PDF. Majority of links are working fine which makes me think its not an export problem but more something wrong with the actual link but a few direct to 404 pages.


Again links can have many formats but if you get 404’s there can be several reasons the most common is the page was either never or is no longer there.
Another is that the URI/URL command is understood by one browser but not another and the most likely cause there is punctuation problems such as spaces. That can be trickier to trackdown as to the root cause.

Again without a sample to check I cant say if it is due to SumatraPDF or MuPDF or an external process.