Sumatra PDF is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows

License - Commercial use / Distribution with 3rd Party Software


I am developing a tiny software that will generate a receipt.pdf and I would like to use Sumatra PDF to read this receipt.pdf, is possible? If yes how can i distribute the Sumatra PDF binary? A directory with the binary and a license file?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can distribute Sumatra this way.

That being said, consider becoming a Corporate Sponsor on Patreon to help us continue improving Sumatra in the future.

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This is great! Do you have a specific license file that should be included with SumatraPDF.exe?

you should give a hint as to intended usage since if you intend commercial gain from mods to the open source you need to honour Artiflex AGPL and open source your application, however if you are “NOT” modifying SumatraPDF.EXE then KJK will usually OK that without further restriction (so best to give more detail)
see how others have requested clarification below

It is good etiquette to attribute the AGPLv3 / source and authors (see file)

We’re not planning any modifications, but instead want to bundle SumatraPDF to print PDFs from the command line. The AUTHORS, COPYING, and COPYING.BSD files are exactly what I was looking for and will absolutely include them with our application.

Not wishing to put you off, others have done similar and come back with printing issues
(search old and current forum for “print”) Consider using version 3.0.exe which is less memory intensive

Thanks, I’ll look around. Our use case is to print a small, single paged-document with each instance of the application, so we should be ok. Specifically, we’re printing a label to a Dymo device which measures no more than 2x4 inches with mostly text and perhaps a graphic or two.

If the graphics are client provided rather than of your making
then consider using pre release (i.e. less open to jpg exploit)

Hello Guys
I am a very small developer.
If i use sumatra pdf in my windows product
When i sell my copies is it ok if sumatra pdf reader qhich is includwd for pdf functions goes along.
Hope no license is required

I am not selling sumatra pdf as a seprate plug in

@Rajen: You can read the developer’s response above.

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I am an amateur programmer and developed a tool to make it easier for me to print PDF files. It’s something similar to print conductor but with more smart options. I am using Sumatra PDF to make the silent print for me. I am not experience with licence types and that;s why I am asking if it will be legal to share my tool with others or not? and if the answer is yes, do I need to do anything rather than referring to Sumatra PDF?

I can send you my tool to check it to make things more clear.


@DarkElder: I’ve moved your post here. Please go through the thread and you’ll have your answer.

@kjk can I bundle portable version of sumatrapdfreader with my node application? This app will be accessing sumatrapdfreader using CLI for printing.

Yes, you can bundle Sumatra.

@kjk Can I embeded sumatrapdf reader to my desktop application in my own window for reading pdf and copying text or image in business use for free?

That is not allowed by GPL license.

So how could I use it it business? thanks.

If you read the License and think would Adobe or Artifex (the MuPDF code owners) let me abuse their program by imbedding in mine ?

Then ask
May I let my business users have copies of SumatraPDF Application (Just like Acrobat Reader) to read PDF (etc) and copy text or images as they decide, then the answer may be different.

so If the part of my desktop application which use SumatraPDF under the same GPL license, should it ok?

Yes, the basic of GPL license is: if you use someone else’s GPL code (e.g. Sumatra’s code) you have to make your application also available under GPL license.

However, there is no such thing as “part of my application”.

You can’t say “those 100 lines of my application are under GPL but the rest isn’t”.

Either the whole application is under GPL license or none of it is.

By incorporating GPL licensed code you must license the whole application under GPL.

If you don’t want to do that, then you can’t use other peoples GPL code in your application.