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I would like to be able to write messages with A LOT MORE than two links per message. I know I’m a new user, but I´m not new at writing in SumatraPDF GitHub issue tracker and this nickname is quite widely user. You can ban me if I suddenly become a bot, anyway.

I had to remove lots of links and divide my message due to the two links per message limitation to “new users”. What’s a new user in this forum?

I want to provide ideas and feedback. I use lots of different systems and operating systems and love it, but I also love Free Software too. I’m in a very early phase of trying to become a computer programmer, but health issues are making me to struggle a lot more than I would like to.

Please let me discuss without less limitations and be part of the community.

Kind regards.

PS: Are there moderators here?


The rules are the same for everybody and the default for Discourse, which is the forum software I use.

As to ideas and feedback, I need to set the expectations right.

I appreciate the enthusiasm. I invite the feedback (that’s why this forum exists).

That being said: I’ve read your other post. It has great many good ideas but unfortunately my ability to act on them is close to zero. I simply lack time to implement them.

So in general the best I will be able to say is “yeah, that sounds like a good idea but I won’t have time to implement”.