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I have a large PDF of 139MB (36,396 pages) and Adobe will not load or convert anything over 100MB.
Any ideas how I could use Sumatra PDF to either split the file into smaller chunks or convert the whole file from a PDF to text? Thanks.


SumatraPDF as a viewer with simple printing would not make the file smaller it is not designed for conversion. Adobe should handle that file-size I dont remember such a limitation) are you sure the file is not corrupted by compression ?

Your best bet for simple plain text is Xpdf pdftotext if the file is acceptable to that utility. For splitting a PDF the best I can think of is use Ghostscript print to new pdf pages 50% at a time, but that may or may not work with last page = 18000 and second run first page = 18001, I would suggest PDF files are best kept not bigger than 1000 pages for quick easy viewing, and I do have fast plain text files upto 7000 pages but would not have more than that for text searching etc.


Great! Thanks for your suggestions and I will try doing that. Alan.