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We are trying to print with Sumatra’s command line tool a large label address PDF (38x90mm) on a Brother QL 1050.
To do so we have configured the printer’s defaults settings to page size = 38x90mm.
However, when printing with the command line the printer get an error and Sumatra reports nothing (error code = 0)(the print task is added in the printer queue but disappear instantaneously) while everything works well with the graphical interface.

So our questions are :

  • What are the difference between using user interface and command line ?
  • Does the GUI uses the command line to print or does it call directly some Windows utils ?
  • How can we debug that ? I tried with the “-console” argument but no console window appeared.

The version used is SumatraPDF-3.1.2-64

Thank you,
Olivier M


I’m not developer so can’t comment on internal handover @kjk would need to describe those differences.

SumatraPDF GUI can allow for say print custom selected area but command line is constrained to a range of scaled pages starting with A5, Having said that many users eventually find a combination of setting that work for their custom label sizes.

Common problems are
incorrect command line options especially calling to networked printers
Not setting printer to default page size and orientation (but you say that is working without problems from GUI)
It is possible the area transmitted is white space outside the label zone which can by caused by inappropriate scaling.

Ways to test are difficult blind so don’t use -silent

Check your calls using all default settings to ms PDF printer (set its default page to A5 paper) and command line paper=A5 and note the effects of different scalar (shrink fit noscale) options. The output will likely move about on the page. Your aim is generally to check which works with a top left origin to work away from.

Only available error level on successful print should be 1

Beware there is one advanced settings.txt override that will interfere which is normally set to shrink and can be changed to fit or none

Once your happy how that functions try substituting with call to label printer (A5,noscale may just print part of label but by now you have a better understanding what fit and shrink will alter)