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We use an older version of Sumatra PDF with the automation software RoboTask. The PDF files can no longer be printed on our Konica Minolta printers.
It works on our HP and Lexmark printers. Do you think it is caused by lack of support of PCL drivers in Sumatra PDF? Would it help to install and use a new version of Sumatra PDF?
Does it still support the use of wildcards and command line?
Or do we have to use another PDF reader instead?

Thank you in advance.


SumatraPDF unlike Acrobat has no specific support for printers other than an older bug fix for some xerox print engine issues, which may or may not assist with some other printer brands.

Version 3.0 and before tried to offer two methods of printing by print as image or via vector printing objects, but due to lack of a common approach in windows it was then standardized to print as image only from version 3.1. Thus any behavior difference is entirely due to the way images are passed through printers drivers (good or bad) and often such drivers may add their own overheads thus increasing memory required.

If there has been a change in printing this year it is down to Windows changes in how those drivers are used and there have been many related update Tuesday failures about every 4 month in March July and Nov/Dec ?