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Issues with epub and cbz files

this is epub[相乐总].变态王子与不笑猫.01.epub?dl=0

the different show between this and other epub reader

and with cbz, the pic scroll with scroll was tooooooo slow,I have seen the setting to adjust the number of windows wheel rows, but this will seriously affect the text reading.

Have you tried using the auto-scroll feature of your mouse? Just middle-click and then move the cursor up/down to increase/decrease scrolling speed.

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I tried after you say, I feel slow too,And the picture is easy to move
this problem is not serious, within my acceptable range.
(i use google translate)

Maximize the window, middle-click somewhere near the top of the document area (i.e. just below the toolbar) and then move the cursor all the way to the bottom of the window, and you will find that it will auto-scroll faster than you can even read. If you want to scroll even faster, use the scrollbar or jump to a particular page number.

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thanks, I’ll try adapt this