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Home / IS there a way to search one number but not longer similar number?


I have really liked your Samutra PDF as it helps me with the cross-stitching I do. Do I do complex ones? Yes very complex as they are cross-stitching of photos.
Now in the new Cross-stitching designer the best to use is numbers for each color. The one I am doing now has 162 different colors in it. So it uses a 162 numbers to mark where each stitching is.
But just now I found that if I searched for 51, it also showed where the 151 was. I would really prefer it just finding the 51. So is there a way to do this? Obviously the 51 color is different than the 151 color.
If that can be done then yes I will donate.


PDF does not know the difference between 1 5 1 and 0 5 1 they are both just 3 numbers so searching for 5 will find whichever is the first of the two then find 51 may stay in the same place or skip to the next.

IF the number has a space before it then entering the space bar with 51 may sometimes work but it depends on if its got a known space, since the next line would not
51 here at start of line has no space before it. IF there is a symbol like X-51 it is so much easier to try -51.


Wow, cross-stitching of photos that’s an interesting one. You do the picture by yourself, I mean all those squares that need to be stitched?