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Home / Is it possible to setup forward/backward search for markdownfiles via Pandoc (in sublime text)?


Hi! Is it possible to enable forward / backward search for markdown files? I am using sublime text to write markdown and Pandoc to convert .md to .pdf. I know synctex works for .tex files – but is there a way with markdown files? Thanks!


Synctex (or earlier PDFsync) was only designed as a cross-index between a TeX Block\characters and its related xy position in the compiled PDF to allow two way jumps like dynamic hyperlinking. It can include hinting to try and refine the positions down to a single character since there are no other reliable common features in both blocks of text (both dispense with Word-processor niceties like sequential lines (e.g. line feeds) or tabs etc.). Thus an item low in tex page 1 could be high on page 3 or 8 etc. in the PDF. so it was critical for relative linking

There is no equivalent that I know of for any other page format combinations. Nearest similar are MS internal Office obj linking. Even URI hyperlinks are fixed rigid other than #address can move with contents.