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Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to inverter the direction of the drag when I use the mouse click to do scroll in the document. at this time:
click mouse and drag, the page goes down
click mouse and drag down, the page goes up
I would like to know if it is possible that:
click mouse and drag up, the page goes up
click mouse and drag down, the page goes down

Best regards


Not sure why yours is backwards

using Left button I get the hand (grab) icon and works as you desire drag up = page up

it is only reversed when I use middle button ! then focus is fixed and speed of scrolling varies moving the page up faster as i drag down


If you’re on a laptop and mean “touchpad click” when referring to “mouse click”, check out your touchpad’s software for the relevant setting.


i am on a laptop, I think I misunderstood my question.
I wanted to click the left mouse button (I get the hand (grab) icon) and drag the mouse up to go to the first page, and when I click the left mouse button (I get the hand (grab) icon) and drag the mouse down go to the last page.
This only happens in Sumatra, other programs do not happen, and scrolling with the touchpad is ok. just this situation happens with mouse click and drag.
I already installed on other PCs and the same situation occurs


Just to be clear, click and hold results in a closed fist icon, and dragging down drags down the page (i.e. you see more of the previous pages on top), while dragging up drags up the page (i.e. you see more of the succeeding pages below). So you want to invert the mouse drag direction?

I’d suggest using something like X-Mouse Button Control. You can create a per-app (i.e. Sumatra-specific) profile that allows you to invert the scroll direction only when Sumatra is active.


It is exactly this situation. Thanks for the program info. Is it possible for you to help create this profile? I am new to this computer world and could not create the option I use the mouse click and drag at the same time. I just realized how to change mouse click but only this setting alone is not enough.
Thanks again.



I am guessing you already tried reversing the “scroll” action in sumatra along the lines of

however you say “drag” so may need to change the left button to simulate grab something like this

but beware that although you can still left click buttons and other locations it would stop you selecting text by dragging across words SO I would suggest changing the right button to scroll ?
best to try different options “APPLY” to see the effect then once its the way you like it THEN save profile


What do you mean by that?
“I am guessing you already tried reversing the “scroll” action in sumatra along the lines of”

Sumatra does not have this function that I want natively right?
Is it possible to place this function in a new Sumatra update?
Thanks again for all the help.


I was refering to the first screen shot where I surmised you were not getting the result you wanted by checking the “invert mode when scrolling” and in the second screen grab suggested it “might” be better to try changing button behavior on your hardware

I am not an author of SumatraPDF just a bystander that interferes :slight_smile: to aid others (perhaps not well enough)

I find that SumatraPDF in this respect works correctly without changes on XP/Win7 and Win10, even on very old kit (and new)

Thus if i double click on touch-pad or hold down the left touch-pad key / mouse button and the grab/hand icon appears then moving (pushing) my finger or mouse UP the page/sheet moves UP (showing more of the page bottom) which should be as you requested and also dare I say it, acrobat etc. ? This may be opposite to what you expect ? think of how you push a book “AWAY” (on a desktop=upwards) to see more of the lower part.

the opposite is only available if I invoke “scrolling” (when the circular auto scroll icon appears) in that case moving my view/focus downward towards the end will make the page move up so the next lines appear, again as expected per other apps etc since it simulates pulling the middle wheel down to access lower lines

as far as i know, that is generally the common experience for most other SumatraPDF users

the suggestion by SumatraPeter and I are to attempt to change what should be “normal” actions to suit your experience/expectation

If you think there is a bug related to your hardware or operating system then it is best to raise an issue at


It looks like the options @GitHubRulesOK is referencing are part of X-Mouse Button Control, which is not a part of, installed with, or endorsed by SumatraPDF.

I can’t tell you how to fix the problem you’re experiencing, but I found this while looking to answer my question, and realized that this is still un-answered.

My question does relate, though. (pressing or holding) does not trigger “drag” the way you’d expect in AutoCAD, most GIS programs, Google Earth, etc.; it triggers an auto-scroll mode that scrolls indefinitely in the direction the mouse is moved until pressing Middle-Click a second time, even if ‘holding’ Middle-Click it does not stop with the button release.
This, I think, is what’s causing your issue, and the root of mine.
I really want to disable the Auto-Scroll feature and just use it as a Drag mode, just like Left-Click, because Left-Click only triggers Drag under certain circumstances.

Hope that helps!


Hi I was referencing the unendorsed suggestion by SumatraPeter since betweenus we had established the user needed an application to reverse the way his mouse controls windows

As a CAD user I also find the software often reverses my expectation of mouse actions However since as long as I can remember (long time to 1980s) when I got my first scroll mouse it behaved just the same as it does now Oddly ! different to pucks and digitisers.
The scroll wheel was designed for 3D to move in and out, but it makes no sense on a 2D graphics or word processor plane. So left click to grasp and push away or pull the lower edge towards you.
However with auto lock (the middle button) your shifting your focal position as you move
away (upwards) the page will scroll down It may seem illogical but that’s the way it behaves in my browser or word processor and that’s the way its generally been.

The mouse control is dictated by Windows and there are registry hacks to do as you request however we suggest a 3rd party application (such as x-mouse) is preferable to corrupting the registry.