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Hi, first post here… I just discovered this software, and it’s great. :+1:

Here’ the deal :slight_smile:
If I change the “MainWindowBackground” color property in the settings text file, it also affects the thumbnails in the start page. Like, if I change it to a darker color (which is a must, cuz the default is too bright imho), the thumbnails in the start page also gets darker.

So, if it could be made so that the “MainWindowBackground” color was independent and didn’t affect/mix with the thumbnails etc, it would be really great.

Thanks… and sorry if feature requests are not allowed here.


Thanks I have raised this as an issue



And by the way, I just noticed another similar issue.If you change the “BackgroundColor” in the “FixedPageUI” section, which is the bookmarks bar background color, it affects the color of the main document too.


That is what Page Background Colour should do i.e. change the “paper” color
the foreground color is “TextColor”, the next complaint is that reversing them, also reverses every intervening image colour, so everyone has avatar or smurf blue faces.
Keep Background = higher values and Forground = lower values, to avoid inversion. and yes other readers like acrobat have twice as many controls more suited to handling inversion.